Is there a difference between the Denon AH-C700's and the AH-C751k's?
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In term of sound quality and fit, they are the same. But C751 has shorter cable that's why they give you the extended cable and also C751 comes with a case where C700 doesn't.
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Amazon's prices are a bit weird ... they've got the C700 as the more expensive set of headphones, even though they are the ones that don't come with a case of extension cable.

In the UK you pay twice as much for the C751s as you do for the C700s

Based on those prices I'd go for the C751s from Amazon US, but in the UK I'd stick to the C700s.
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Originally Posted by digivate /img/forum/go_quote.gif
In the UK you pay twice as much for the C751s as you do for the C700s

The C751s haven't been widely available in the UK at all (nor were the C700s prior to now, come to think of it) - but I think most stockists are pricing the C751 so high because there's an implication that it's the 'higher-end' model of the C700. And anyone who read the C751 review on cnet would quite naturally assume it was an upgrade, since they reviewed it as a different model.
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Um, I have narrowed down my new phones between the C551 and C700. I like musical bass but am worried that the C551's may have too much. Should I be leaning towards the C700? Thanks!
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Given a choice between the C551 and the C700 you should go for the C700.

From my understanding both the C551 and C700 (or C751) have pretty much the same base response, but the tech-bods at Denon put extra effort into producing shimmering highs from the C700 (C751).

My guess is that the C700 wasn't considered different enough to the C551 to distinguish it and justify the price increase, so the C751 was produced to widen the gap (as it includes a few extras). I imagine the C700 will be faded out of the lineup (hence the current price drop to roughly C551 levels).

UK price C551 = £69.99 from iHeadphones *
UK price C700 = £70.00 from Amazon UK or £73.99 from iHeadphones *
UK price C751 = £139.99 from iHeadphones *

* best price that I could find

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