Is the SE530 worth $50 over the UM2?
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Apr 27, 2007
I was unfortunate to stumble back on head-fi the other, just when my tax refund is about to issued, guess what I'm about to spend it on?

I've been reading around, and these are the three that I'm considering at the moment, coming from a pair of daily-use Marshmallows—which sound amazing for the $20 I spent on them—and a pair of IM716s.

The separation and clarity of the im716 is refreshing but I find myself returning to the marshmallow's just for their added bass and overall airy warmth, I just wish they didn't sound so muddy though. I also love the highs and overall sound on my MS1s, I just wish they had a bit more soundstage

I can get the Westone UM2 for approx. US$300 shipped here to Australia or the Shure SE530 at US$345 shipped. Seeing as how most of my music library is made up of rock/pop, indie-rock and folk/folk-rock (with a few instrumental and soundtracks thrown in) which would suit my very guitar and high oriented music? The amount of bass isn't an issue nor is their handling of them.

These will be driven directly outta my iPhone 3G, with the possibility of a Fiio E5 down the line..

I've also read that they match each other pretty well comfort-wise too, how true is this? Oh and added soundstage in either of them would be a huge plus.

Any recommendations/thoughts on them? Even if you've owned only one of them, I'd love to hear your thoughts..
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Doesn't look like roaddogonline ships outside the US for that particular item unfortunately. I even tried via their site..
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Yes, the SE530's are worth the $50 extra, main difference being the SE530 has a better soundstage (larger). UM2's are stage monitors and have a more in your face really upfront presentation. I enjoyed both while I had them but always gave an edge to the SE530.
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The both are great IEMs, UM2 is warmer and has more bass but SE530 is refind and clean with great mids.

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