Is MEElec Air-Fi touch vs. Matrix2 - And how about the Plantronics Backbeat pro?
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Dec 20, 2006
A few weeks ago after some research of good sounding bluetooth headphones I bought an second hand Creative labs Hitz WP380 for 45 euro. At first the sound seems ok to me, the bass was very firm and punchy, the highs were ok and gives much detail but after a while the lack of good mids (they are quite recessed) makes me to look further, also because some equalization dit not help.

At first I come accross the Sony XB950BT but I think it has to much bass. Then I see The Plantronics Backbeat pro. The sounds seems very nice to me, and allthough the price was much higher then the Creative (169 euro in The netherlands) I allmost bought it. Thanks to this post from turbobb I heard of the brand MEElec and their Matrix 2 headphone. For only 80 euro it seems quite a bargain if you look at the sound quality.

However if the Plantronics headphone is way better sound quality wise I want to buy them. Furthermore, there is another MEElec phone that seems a good candidate, the Air-Fi touch. These cans cost a 40 euro more at so they're between the Matrix and the Backbeat pro. I can't find much info about them here on Head-Fi.

I hope there is someone here that have used / tested 2 or mor of these headphones. Any input is highly appreciated!

One more thing: I like an over ear headphone better than an on ear, so in this respect the Air-Fi touch is maybee not the best choice.
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I have done some more searching, and I came accross headphones from Photive and Ausdom. The looks are very familiar. For instance the Photive BTH3 (manufacturer site) and the Ausdom E6 (head-fi thread). These cans look the same and I wouldn't be surprised if they sound the same. On Youtube I hear that the bass reproduction is not that good.
On the website of Ausdom I found the headphone with the highest specs, the M05 (aptX and bluetooth 4.0) has the same carbon fiber shells. Also the design of the cans looks exactly the same. My qustion is: who is copying who, and do you think that the internals are (partly) the same? Maybee theey are OEM headphones and MEElex and Ausdom have only put their own badge on it?

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