Is it worth it to get my Zune fixed for $80?
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Dec 19, 2007
Hey everyone, the internal LCD of my Zune 120 cracked, rendering it unusable. Should I pay the 80 bucks to get it fixed? The reason I ask is I'm not using Windows anymore, which makes it hard to use the Zune anyway. So, I kind of want to get a new DAP, such as the Cowon S9, or even an iPod. On the other hand, I've spent the money on a new dock, and extra av cable. It's also in mint condition right now, other than the screen, and a tiny scratch on the back (Would they replace the back if I sent it in to get the screen fixed?)

Thanks for any advice!
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Depends. How much space do you need? One thing that annoyed me about the Zune 120 was the HD noise. Flash players don't have that problem, but they have much less space.

I've been thinking about getting an S9 myself. Zune seems like a pain to use with a mac, if it's even possible.

Sony X is good. Great sound and video, but much more expensive than the S9. I think the S9 would be a more efficient use of funds. You should be able to sell that extra stuff or return it depending how new it is.
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You mentioned an iPod, so I assume you are using a Mac now. You should probably sell the Zune, since it will be a pain to use with your non-Windows OS.

However, I wouldn't necessarily sell it in its broken state - you might fetch more money overall if you fix the LCD yourself, then resell it as fully functioning. Check fleaBay to see what a broken Zune goes for vs a fully functioning one, and see if it makes sense to fix it first.
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Using Linux (I used it before, but switched back to Windows in order to use my Zune, haha. I never got to fixing my Zune so switched back to Linux, and now don't want to switch back again!)

I'm thinking I will get the screen fixed for $80, then I'll be able to sell it with the dock/two av cords for $150+, then buy a D2(+?) 16gb and a 32gb SDHC Card.

I have about 30gb of mp3s right now, and still growing.
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Keep in mind the 4000 track limit on the D2+ SDHC slot. With lossy files, you could surpass that limit with a 32GB SDHC card. I have a 16GB card on my D2(+), and I have 2500 lossy tracks on it.

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