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Is it worth getting an AMP for Victor S600's?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by smoger, Feb 10, 2013.
  1. SmOgER
    I mainly listen to dubstep, EQed these JVC's to insane bass levels (just below distortion, in some cases it hits peaks limit). In my case, is it worth getting an $36 Fiio E6? Will I notice justifying difference, will I be able to avoid any limitations and pump maybe even slightly more humm (not that I need it, just would be nice to have some headroom)? Am I pushing my DAC (HTC Desire HD) or my HP's to the limits right now?
  2. SmOgER
    Down to 2nd page already? Oh come on now... [​IMG]
  3. SmOgER
    Ok so I bought it and I gotta say WOW 
    BASS now rattles my skull even more
    The sound quality is amazing, no any signs of possible clipping or peak limits. And this is with poweramp EQ + FiiO EQ
    When EQ'ing, it's absolutely really totally worth it [​IMG]
    At first I tought I was pushing my HP's, but it's amazing how much they can pump :)

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