Is It Time for a Change from the DT 931?
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Originally Posted by sc53
Hi! I have the 931's (new purchase, only listened for a couple of hours so far), the 880's, the 531's, and the 501's. I also own Senns but you say you don't want the Senn sound...I prefer the 880's to the 931's, but then I like smooth rather than super-detailed.


Originally Posted by BigDave
I also have the dt931's and the dt880's, and I cycle between the two (shrugs, hands up in the air). I also like the detail, but on some recordings they can be a little too bright or harsh. I made a 120 ohm adaptor, and this helps without making them lose too much of their signiture sound. However, I also like listening to my grado's sometimes.....enjoy the benefit of having multiple phones is my opinion. If you can afford it

It's not that I don't particularly like the Sennheiser sound, but it's more like it's out of my budget. If I were to go Senn I would go HD600 or HD650.

I'm thinking more and more that I'll just keep the DT 931 and eventually buy some other phones for those times when I want smooth instead of detailed. Thanks for the 880 suggestion. I've heard them and I've liked them. I didn't think they were all that different than the 931 but perhaps they are a bit smoother.


Originally Posted by augustwest
Give the dt770's a try, the are great for rock and have the bass you are craving.

I've listened to the 770's and they were just too bassy without preserving the detail I like. Thanks for the recommendation anyway.

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