Is it possible to connect multiple amplifiers to a single DAC?
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You'd need two sets, so 4 mono Y-splitters if your source is stereo RCA. There's nothing to be afraid of as far as audio quality, but if it gives you peace of mind or you prefer the functionality then a fancy switch box would work too. But it would make so little difference to the audio quality that you're better off saving your money to spend on any of the other components in my opinion.
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Just to chime in a little as I've just recently faced this issue;

I just bought 4 (so 2 pairs) of y splitters like in that amazon Amazon link you posted.
Using 1 pair allows me to use 2 amps into 1 dac.

However, one of my amps is the thx 789 which has a SE passthrough, so it effectively allows me to use it as an extra splitter.
So now I have my MCTH amp plugged into the 789 passthroughs, then the 789 plugged into the splitters.
Then my Burson Fun plugged into the same pair of splitters, so now I have 3 amps into one dac.

That's still not enough, I have 2 more amps.
Something cheaper than $349?
The Schiit Sys.
Have one of these coming for my birthday which you can plug your dac into, then 4 y-splitters (2 pairs) will allow 4 amps to run into it.
In my case 5, luckily.

Hope this helps, I'm extremely tired so I may not have wrote this in the best way lol :)
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ok thanks to everyone for the answers. I didn't understand how to connect three amplifiers to a DAC. How to connect two amplifiers to a DAC is clear to me, but I can't figure out how to connect the third ..
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I am a little late, but I will say I use a Realistic Tape Control Center, it is effectively a switch box that lets you connect up to four inputs to up to four outputs:


For me the "Deck 1" output goes to my Valhalla 2, "Deck 2" out goes to my integrated tube amp, "Deck 3" out goes to my reel to reel player. "Receiver" out is currently not connected to anything.
"Deck 1" in is my phono preamp, "Deck 2" in is my DAC, "Deck 3" in is the Reel to Reel, and "Receiver" in is my cassette tape player.

It might take a little bit to figure out the system, but it works well enough for me. An example use that will happen this weekend is I will be recording a record to reel to reel, so I will have Deck 1 In switched to the up position, and Deck 1 and Deck 3 out switched down so I can listen with headphones while recording.

These run $15 to $30; there are other models and brands out there, but just a though.
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The thread title "Is it possible to connect multiple amplifiers to a single DAC?" can be answered with YES.

However, the next question is apart from the question how exactly you want to do this, which method or switching device has a good connectivity and only a small loss of the audio signal.

The thread creator @Michelest also has asked for the best method to do this.

When i see some of the recommended cheap switch boxes, there is a risk that they uses poor connectors and/or cabeling inside.

Maybe cable connections are overrated, but you should be at least be aware of this.
Subsequent it wouldn't make sense to use a high end cable and a cheap switch box with poor connectivity.
Just my 2 cents, don't want to offend anybody who has suggested a possibility how to do this.

But i'm also interested in a solution with a good audio quality.
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The op was looking for the "best" method in terms of pricing, i think.

So the 2 pairs of y-splitter are the "best" way to deal with.
Output of the D03k looks good for this.

Fiio D03K meassurements.png
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the best way to connect three headphone amplifiers to a single DAC?
I have to buy both the DAC and the three headphone amplifiers.

Please define your intention of >best<
Soundwise or moneywise?

Both together is always a more or less big compromise. :wink:

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