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Is it better to leave the headphones plugged in or out during non usage?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by dobrescu george, Dec 28, 2014.
  1. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    They'll be fine. Other people leave their speaker amps on, they don't disconnect speakers either.
    You probably have more to worry about the lack of a muting relay without a good UPS. Power goes out, amp switches off, zaps the headphone; power comes back in before you get home to flip the switch, amp powers on, zaps the headphone again. Others live in areas with more fluctuations in the electricity also - when I switch on the A/C my voltage regulator goes from 227volts to 167volts, but keeps the PC running.
    Past that it's the amp that can be a cause for concern depending on how hot it gets over there. Heat index here during May hit 51deg C last year, and my amp gets as hot as a fresh cup of coffee if left to idle without a fan or A/C running. It's a Class A hybrid but don't always assume that Class A/B means it's totally safe and you don't check at all.
  2. watchnerd
    I do this - leave amps on 24x7, with speakers attached.
    I also have a UPS.

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