is balanced drive modification and transformer compatible.

  1. barondla
    I have a Pono Player that runs balanced outputs. Have a pair of Mitchell & Johnson GL2SE electrostatz headphones. These have a dynamic woofer and an electret mid?high frequency driver in each ear cup. A transformer is connected the estat driver.
    Trying to figure out in balanced mode if there would have to be a transformer on both the + and - ? Or is the single one in the each ear cup fine? I have converted Grados, Sennheiser, etc to balanced drive. It is easy. But the transformer has me confused.
  2. barondla
    The Mitchell & Johnson GL2 can be converted to balanced drive. The single transformer in each earcup is not a problem. It would require a lot of work due to the design of this model having a single cable exiting the left earcup. Ended buying the M&J MJ2. These have cables exiting both left and right eacups. No headphone modification required. Just new balanced cables.

    Made some balanced cables and everything works and sounds terrific with the Pono Player in balanced mode. The sound improvement is amazing. There are instructions on building the cables in the Mitchell & Johnson impressions thread.

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