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Is Audiophile something that is real or just your imagination?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by denon2010, Nov 19, 2015.
  1. Happy Camper
    I listen more intently now than before getting into headphones. I think there is a learning curve in listening to gear.
  2. Denon2010
    I remember when I got my Denon D5000 years ago thinking it was going to be a big difference over a HD 555. My ears back then was good cause I was on my early 20's and could hear anything.
    And the D5000 only sounded 10% better than the HD 555 which cost a fraction of the price. Bass in denon was better but thats because it was closed back. It was a little clearer but by 10%, the price was hyper inflated like most expensive gear.
    But judging from other products few if any came with mahogany wood cups, few allowed for the open back like sound that those denons were so special for. So in some ways it was probably worth it because of the materials and because no other company produced anything like it so not like there was another choice. It had beautiful magnesium alloy etc now they have D600 D340 etc thats cheap plastic garbage,.
    Then there was the D7000 you are paying $300 extra for a coat of gloss paint. Really hyper inflated prices. But then Denon went and shut down a proven line of headphones with tons of review sites out there having them already thoroughly reviewed. The company went to the ****ter from there on, trying to chase after the beats hype and they got wrecked because hey kids want the word Dr Dre but the word Denon where their friends would say What is Denon? don't you know Beats is the ubber bestest best stuff cause Dr Dre is cool?
  3. tomb
    There are reasons for this.
    1. If your sound string was not up to par, a great headphone is not going to realize much improvement.  What makes a great headphone great is the ability to support ever-increasing quality in the audio string with noticeable improvement.  You may have already topped out in the quality of the rest of your equipment.  The Denon was simply reflecting that.
    Granted, more expensive equipment has diminishing returns in quality.  That's life.  There's another reason that can occur, though and the above might have been what was going on.
    2. Denon never made that "proven line of headphones with tons of review sites out there having them already thoroughly reviewed."  Fostex made them.  For whatever reason, the contract relationship they had fell through and Denon could no longer depend on Fostex to make the headphones.  So, they went another direction.  There again, that's life, but Denon never decided to make "worse" headphones.  They did the best they could under the circumstances (admittedly, not very good).
    Fostex went forward on their own.  Maybe that was the issue.  Their headphones were so good and Denon was getting all the credit. [​IMG]
  4. Denon2010
    Ow WOW I had no idea Fostex was making these headphones for Denon. Hmm I feel a little terrible now for sending Denon a hate email years ago and cursing and insulting them for abandoning the AHD X000 line. Even the AHD 2000 plastic Denons were something to behold from the looks to the sound what a marvelous line it truly was. Back then which was 5 years ago I only had a ASUS Xonar DX this was before ASUS started creating the headphone sound cards.
    So I always suspect I didn't have the gear to drive the Denons which resulted in less than expected sound, foolishly I sold the Denons and now its not possible to get them back new you would have to buy the D5000 or 7000 used.
    I remember seeing the Fostex 900 and thinking to myself a company that has recreated the D7000 Denons OMG!! but now I know the story LOL.
    I have the Denon D340 which is their new line but I got it for $50 on sale open box. MSRP is $300 but seems nobody wants to have anything to do with Denon again so the price has dropped drastically. The fostex 900 is beautiful but its extremely costly it would be great if they could recreate the D5000 for $500.
    I will give Denon credit for the D7100, it is beautiful for a beats style design. Mahogany wood cups and magnesium alloy but I hear it does not stand up to the line made by Fostex.
    You are right, thats life I guess. Either I buy used or I shell out $1100 for the Fostex 900.
  5. FastAndClean
    You can check the new massdrop deal http://www.head-fi.org/t/788776/fostex-x-massdrop-th-x00-review#post_12102833
  6. tomb
    Good point - might be the closest anyone gets to a D5000 or D7000 for awhile.
  7. Denon2010
    OW WOW its reborn the D5000 / 7000 is here once more. How much are we looking at for this?
    What kind of price are we looking at for these beauties?
    Holy crap it even looks better than the old Denons.
  8. FastAndClean
    the price is 399 us dollars, hurry up
  9. Denon2010
    That is incredible and thats the MSRP?
    WOW imagine if after a few months the street price goes for $350 or so. Sure $350 to $400 isn't considered cheap by any standards but when you look at what the competition has to offer in this price range.
    Holy moly batman!! This thing is a steal! I would imagine mahagony wood from Africa is also not cheap this is what $10,000 furniture is made from.

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