iRiver iHP-120
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Mar 28, 2003
Los Angeles
Boy oh boy am I ever glad to have this little gem!

I always knew my Archos FMR was a bit of a piece of junk, but this player just emphasized it to an extreme degree. Aside from the beautiful fit and finish, tight little leather case, easy to navigate menus, and all too nice multi-codec support you have a clear, flat sound that makes me wonder how I ever listened to the Archos for so long. The only regard in which the iHP falls short of the Archos is in driving headphones, which I expected, but I was still pleasently suprised that the output was not as weak as I expected. Of course, considering I'lll mainly use it with the E5c, it doesn't matter too much.

I really love how tightly all the connectors fit (not quite Grace 901 headphone jacks, but in a similar vein
). Also the charge time and file transfer were both far quicker than I anticipated. All this raving and I've yet to even try the optical output into the DAC1, though I doubt that'll disappoint. I don't understand why they replaced this with the seemingly inferior 3x0 series, but luckily I found a brand new one, so hopefully I'll get plenty of great service out of this unit. If the piss-pooredly built Archos lasted me 3 years, I'm sure this little guy will do very well indeed.
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Super King

Oct 22, 2004
Congrats on landing an iHp-120, as they're pretty hard to find nowadays. I've had mine for 6 months or so, no problems whatsoever, little thing has had a bunch of falls but it's still going strong.

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