Iriver H10 / Rio Carbon and WMA-DRM
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Apr 18, 2003
Hi, I just made my decision to buy a DAP. I think, 5 GB will be enough for me. Important is, that the Player is small and has a very good sound quality (Iriver H10, Rio Carbon etc.), and of course, that the player is able to play WMA files that are bought from the internet and -DRM protected. I think the iriver can read those files but I don't know, if the Rio can. I tested the Zen Micro before but find, that it is not very loud (EU-Version).

I'm happy for every suggestion and especially want to know, if the Rio Carbon can play WMA-DRM files an how it compares to the iriver in sound quality. Thanks a lot.


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well all i know is the H10 is SMALL poster in another post but wow i never really from all the pictures posted grasped how small it was. why WMA sound is horrible,
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Last I checked, Rio Carbon is still awaiting a firmware update to play DRM files, codenamed Janus. Or maybe its already capable, I wouldn't know. I don't touch DRM stuff.. its the plague
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Just picket up the Carbon Pearl (slightly updated 5 gig carbon)

It has the "plays for sure"

Meaning, it plays the non-monthly DRM files as of now, with a posible update to the suscription expiry type possible, as it includes a built in clock/timer.

So yes to normal DRM, to the suscription monthly style maybe.

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