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iRiver Clix Gen 2, or something else

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by dsavitsk, Jun 4, 2008.
  1. dsavitsk
    I am in need of a portable player to take on vacation. The basic requirements are lowest cost possible, support for Rhapsody to Go and Audible.com content, decent battery life, and of course, the best sound quality possible. The only thing i can find that seems to fit the bill is the iRiver Clix Gen 2. There are some sandisk players, but the Audible.com support is spotty as far as i can tell.

    So, does anyone have an opinion on this player, or a suggestion for something else that is either an improvement or that can save me a few dollars. In all likelihood, I'll use this for a few weeks while traveling, and then sell it as I have little use for a portable player -- so resale ability is important too, I suppose.
  2. big-fi
    its a good player.

    id rather have that than my P2 or D2
  3. dap_pad
    I've been using my Clix2 for almost a year now... no problems whatsoever. Loading songs is a bit annoying as you have to "Update Database", but if you do it via the included software it's not that bad.

    I've never tried Audible with it, but the screen and SQ is lovely and the themes are just AMAZING [​IMG] I love my Clix2 [​IMG]
  4. Envoy of Light
    What do you mean by "Update Database"? Do you mean I can't just drag & drop my songs?
    Oh, and are there any cases for the Clix2?
  5. 4saken
    I think it just means it is rebuilding the database for id3 tag browsing or otherwise.
  6. dap_pad
    Yup, everytime you add songs, you have to either click "Rebuild Database" on the Clix or the iRiver Plus software in order for the Id3 tag database to recognize your songs.

    You can still access it via filetree though...
  7. mule65
    What about Sansa Clip?
  8. dsavitsk
    Thanks for the replies. I ended up ordering the older clix which seems to have the features I want for less $.


    Originally Posted by mule65 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    What about Sansa Clip?

    The sansa I've tried wasn't so good with audible content in that it would go back to the beginning when you turned it off -- not so good in the middle of a book.
  9. majkel
    iRiver E10 and nothing else matters. [​IMG] Sansa Clip is good in it's price but not in the top iRiver's league. clix2 is good, too, but its ogg playback is somewhat corrupted sonically. On the E10 you put ogg Voribs Q10 @ aoTuV R2 and it sounds like lossless. D2 didn't impress me a year ago but some guys report big improvement with the newest firmware. How could it be for the flat EQ setting? I don't know. [​IMG]

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