Ipod Video, No amp, max 200£, which IEM's? S4? X5? IE8?
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Sep 10, 2009

I did my homework; read FYI IEM thread and numerous posts. But realized that there's too much IEM's out there to decide for my self. So facts:
  1. iPod Video 240G Rockboxed
  2. No amp, so straight from iPod
  3. Budget ~200£
  4. Beautiful highs more imporant than bass
  5. No sibilance!
  6. Confortable
  7. Listen only electronic "atmospheric" music. I.E Ambient, Chillout, IDM/Electronica

Sennheiser IE8 and Klipsch X5 seems to be good choices, but do they sound good on iPod Video (wolfson DAC) without external amp? Any other recommendations? Or is S4 better choice for price/value ratio?
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Feb 5, 2009
There are other options. The IE8 is great for electronic, and has beautiful highs, just not that much of it, the bass is top quality, and the whole signature is laid - back, making it perfect for background like music, like atmospheric. Comfortable, yes, but might not give you the isolation other options can. You can get more treble with an amp though.

Think they fit your bill pretty good, if you're not sloppy about finding the right tips, staying away from foam, and letting a superb soundstage, not matched by any IEM in the price class, be more valuable than great isolation.

The IE8 needs no amp, but improves.

Check out the Etymology er4 and the TF10Pro if you are crazy about good emphasize on treble.

Good Luck

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