iPod Touch 6th Gen?

  1. SmokeyThePanda
    This probably isn't the right section to post this in but I have no choice for my first post. Anyways,I got an iPod touch 6th gen and I was wondering if they DAC is any good,or if any of you wanna throw in your two cents about the 6th gens audio quality. I believe it has the same Cirrus chip as the iPhone 5c/5s but I'm not positive.
  2. Ferv
    hey Panda. I also just recently acquired the new iPod Touch 6g and replaced the EarPods with my N-lites. When I did this, the bass sounded really boosted, to the point of drownin the other frequencies.And this is with a flat EQ. Anyway, later i figured they did that so their new stock earphones (EarPods) can sound balanced, due to their design and loose insertion, they need boosted bass to sound balanced. Later I reduced the bass in the setting EQ and noticed this did help balance out my other headphones. did u experience the same thing?
  3. SmokeyThePanda
    I think the ear pods sound quite good. I find they can be a bit bassy at times,but it really just depends on the music.
  4. Ferv
    i agree, the Earpod can deliver a pretry good decent sound, but like I said, my other headphones sound ridiculously bassy on the new iPod Touch. The same goes for the new iPod Shuffle. Are u using the stockphones or a different set of IEMs??
  5. SmokeyThePanda
    I don't own any IEMs besides the Earpods but I have used my over ear and they sound pretty good thus far. Definitely an improvement over the 5th gen
  6. canali
    i don't have an ipod touch...only wish apple had in the game and come out with an audiophile grade ipod.
    that would have been something.
  7. Ferv
    well I figured I got used to my cellphone's low bass SQ, and when I got the iPhone the difference was so bafflin. I had already gotten accustomed to certain IEMs sound signature. Now I feel I have to adjust my hearing again, to the higher bass level of the iPod 6 , which is according to many respected members of this forum, a balanced EQ
  8. pwjazz
    I'm listening to some Søren Bebe on my iPod Touch 6g with some Sennheiser HD 598s as I write this, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It helps that I'm using the Equalizer app with HD 598 headphone corrections from @stellarelephant.

    If you need reassurance of the audiophile bonafides of the iPod Touch, there's a glowing review of the iPod Touch 6th gen in What Hi-Fi, a gushing review of the 5th gen by Ken Rockwell, and nice looking measurements of its cousin the iPhone 6 at Archimago's Musings.

    If the iPod has any limitation, it's that the amplifier section isn't super powerful. But for efficient headphones like the HD 598 it's plenty strong, and for many IEM's even more so.

    Some people don't like that the native Apple Music player doesn't do hires audio. That can be solved by installing different software, but after ABX testing various formats, I've found that for myself I can't distinguish hires from redbook CD and often not even AAC VBR, so hires is just not something I care about.

    My other equipment includes a Fiio X1 as well as an old Macbook feeding a Dragonfly Black DAC to a Schiit Magni 3 amp. They all sound different and I prefer different ones on different songs, but what makes the iPod a killer option is the possibility of installing software with a good quality parametric equalizer, at which point I can pretty much get the sound that I want on-demand. Even more awesome, if I at some point decide I that none of the myriad music player apps meet my exact needs, I could always write my own. Try that with your typical DAP!

    Long story short, just make sure you're not attempting to drive inefficient headphones with your iPod and enjoy the music!
  9. stellarelephant
    Welcome and thanks for the shout out, Pwjazz. I have not ever listened to an iPod touch. What I can say is that Apple has indeed released some players that seem to shine above the rest. My ancient iPod Video 5.5gen beats the pants off of my newish iPhone SE. Glad the EQ curves are working for you.

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