ipod mini SQ with rockbox
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Aug 18, 2004
so my friend is trying to sell his old ipod mini 4gb. i don't need that much space, i loved my iaudio u2 1gb (got stolen, 512 mb shuffle (it died) and get by on my 256 mb phone (but the quality ain't so hot and most importantly it is slow to transfer). i've heard bad things about the ipod mini but i've also heard good things about rockbox.

will i be able to overcome the lack of bass with rockbox's EQ settings? i don't have a headphone amp, just regular koss sport clips and ex-51's (i don't know of they are high or low impedence which i've heard makes a difference which is embaressing as i'm part electrical engineer). will the bass sound muddy still? will rockbox kill the battery life? will it die out on me like my shuffle? or should i just get one of those new shuffles.

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