ipod control and line out and charge
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Jul 17, 2009
Hello, this is my first post here. I have been searching these forums the past couple days trying to get ideas for my ipod setup I want in my car. I would like to have a line out from the ipod (5th Gen), a controller for the ipod, and to be able to charge it while doing this.

Both Harman Kardon (drive + play) and Alpine (ex-10) make an all-in-one solution for this, but I am not sure about the sound quality I would get from these units. (I will be plugging into a Clarion EQS746 then out from that to my amps) And I would also rather have a controller that simply controls the actual ipod screen rather than using a separate screen, which I still cannot find. All the ipod remote controls I find only offer the basic play/pause/next/etc. controls (not menu navigation)

I know this sounds like a mp3car.com post rather than head-fi.com post, but I thought somebody here might have some useful info. I am mainly trying to find out if the sound quality of the headphone jack vs. drive+play or ex10 vs. imod (or the like) vs. pocketdock will make much of a difference in a car audio system, and if anybody knows of any menu navigation controllers for the ipod.

Thanks for reading my long and desperate post (been researching this stuff all day)


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