Ipod Classic Alternative?
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May 9, 2015
Hey I am a new user but been crawling this forums for few years every now and then. No I finally decided to register because I am in need of help from professional audio enthusiasts.
So I have recently lost my 7 year old iPod Classic... :frowning2: very sad moment for me.... bought it on my own money when i was 14 years old and had it through all this rough time.... Now I need to replace it, but I dont know any alternatives that have 160 gigs of space or more, with good hard to break shell and that insane survivability for similar price range. I think iPod Classic was 200-250 dollars back then. So my wish list would be
  1. 200 USD price range
  2. 160+ gb of storage
  3. compact size
  4. high durability
  5. ease of use or good os
  6. good battery (very important) my classic could last me a week with light daily music listening
So if anyone has good suggestions im very welcome to hear them, I dont want to use my phone to listen to music because it will burn through my battery, and I cant keep all 15000 songs on my phone :D

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Feb 21, 2015
Dont know if your gonna find everything on your wish list for $200. The Fiio X3k is $200 on amazon I think. Probably your best choice for the the price range but thats with out a micro SD card for storage. Other wise the cheaper X1 and a 128gb card would be in your budget.

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