Ipod -> Amp (Headphone out?)
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Hi guys
Im really sorry, im in work and cant really search for this, its a quick question. Im trying to convert a friend from work into Head-Fi. He has an Ipod and some Sennheiser hd595 phones. I suggested he might want to try a portable amp to drive the phones better. I've brought one in and connected it to the headphone out of the Ipod and im not getting any action? The only time ive used a portable amp with an ipod was with a line out cable. Is this the only way to use an amp with an ipod?
Or is my amp bust?

Thanks Guys

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unlike LOD connections using the headphone jack to connect to an amp is dependent on amp and ipod volume because the internal amp is not bypassed. If the ipod has the volume turned all the way down you'll get nothing out of the amp. If both your ipod and amp have their volume on and headphones plugged directly into the ipod work then yeah, I'd say your amp might be toast.
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A LOD (Line Out Dock) is recommended.
You should get sound using the headphone out as well though. Make sure both volumes (iPod and amplifier) are turned up, and perform so fail seeking if still quiet

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