iPhone 7 Compressed Sound on Chord Mojo?
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Here is a bit of a mystery. I use my Chord Mojo plugged into my iPhone 7 via USB cable and CCK lightning adaptor. I notice that every time I listen to my headphones this way, everything seems dull and compressed. The bass is sucked out, the treble is dull, and the soundstage and image seem compressed and small. When I plug the Mojo into any other digital source, such as the USB port on my MacBook Pro or its SPDIF port, the sound comes to life and opens up.

Does anyone know why the iPhone 7 seems to be compressing and dulling out the sound on my Mojo?
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I've noticed that the CCK 2.0 does this for me as well and the CCK 3.0 is much better. Which one are you using?
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I'm not exactly sure about which model of CCK I use, but the model number is A1440.
You may or may not be delighted to find that A1619 sounds better.

I notice that A1619 sounds better with both my dragon fly red and the iFi Nano BL. Audioquest even recommends not using the A1440. :/
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I understand. It appears the iFi iDSD was designed for the a1440 as well. It makes the device less portable when you realize that adapter does not sound as nice :/
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I would check that the headphone plug is fully inserted into Mojos headphone socket, and that the headphone cable is not damaged, as it sounds like you might have some slight shorting occurring in one or both channels.

I'm not saying that is happening. I'm just saying it is one possible cause of reduced sound quality, so should be considered.

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