iPhone 3G - LOD - AT M50: Which amp?
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Nov 14, 2008

I hope you can help me, i need a suggest which amp to choose.
I listen to lossless music on the iPhone and the Audio Technica M50, which i bought some days ago and like a lot. But i also need an amp, because without they sound like without life, the high freqs are very loud, the lower are silent, there is no dynamic or soundstage in the lower freqs.

When i plug the phones into the front panel of my older terratec dmx 6fire 24/96, i see whats possible with the phones. the soundstage is increased dramatically and the dynamic is nice over the whole freq range. but then, the resolution is very bad, not enjoyable for me, especially for the bass. but i dont know how good the soundcard is. on the iphone i cant even hear so loud because only the high freqs are loud and they are punishing my ears then. with the terratec, its fun to hear loud.

i treid the fiio e3, it is crap for me. although i like "some" defined and detailed bass (listen to hiphop mostly), it sounds exactly like the akg k81 which i hated.

so i need an amp that is able to drive the m50 properly and increases the lower freqs and the soundstage and at least not destroying the clarity and resolution (improving them is of course even better).

i am really not experienced in amps, have read a lot here in the forums but i really dont know what to get. it would be nice, if the amp could be really portable since i am listening on the go and at home. thats why i like the new ibasso t4 for example, because of size and prize, but i dont know if this one has enough power to drive m50 properly and if the sq will be fine for me. if not, the usual size will be also ok, beacause sound quality is most important for me.

budget is something between 100-200$, most importend is the sq. but something like all the rsa amps is definitly not in my budget.

thanks in advance.

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