1. stoneglad
    Hello, I’ve been reading and following threads on Head-Fi for many years and I’m very active in other related audio forums. I wanted to introduce myself and start to become active here as well.
    My primary interest is Computer Audio, Music Servers, DAC’s, Tweaks, Linear Power Supplies, etc. I currently have an Aurender N100H Music server, Synology 916+ NAS, Mytek Brooklyn DAC, ISO-Regen, LPS-1, Cardas HighSpeed USB Cables, Emotiva XPA-1 Mono Blocks, Martin Logan Summit X Speakers, OPPO PM-3 Headphones.
  2. nordkapp
    Nice. Welcome!
  3. stoneglad
  4. nordkapp
    How do you find the Brooklyn/PM3 combo?

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