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Introduction & first post, semi review of Sony mdr1/updated Trashed P7s saved! Now out do Sony. Transaudio 206 vintage monitors, in possession.

  1. skwoodwiva
    IMG_20180314_014236823.jpg Screenshot_20180314-030922.png Screenshot_20180314-030907.png Screenshot_20180314-210441.png Screenshot_20180313-122313.png I have been lurking for a long long time.
    Back when I had the forerunner of these phones hooked to a modded, sony player, sacd, with direct out puts using Jensen xfromers, I was lurking. I gave up such gross audiophile extravaganzas for a somewhat normal listening life.
    Then I got the Moto z only to discover it utilized the full dac @ 24/ 192 or more. That is with Usb audio pro. No dac but what is on the phone.
    Look here

    Wow. Then these phones!
    Pics, how do I upload?
    I modded the phones of course...
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
  2. skwoodwiva
    Well, different than most other forums, I will up to Mega.
    Just played some Fone cds & sacds as well as Chesky's Beethoven / Leiebowtz (sic) - dont say cds are limiting the sound! New technology yes, dated but not out done, editng keys on my phone do not work here....
    But THese 2 pale when listening to BWs 57 Columbia recording.
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  3. skwoodwiva
    K, there is an edit button...

    I had bought the Sony pyramids


    Tan ... Es 100w mofets

    As well as the Sony
    ...9000 dvd player as a drive only & a good DAC- tubed.
    All from Tops in NJ for 5 grand. Blew me away in '94.Dam$ they were making great prototypes back then.
    I know my stuff & am a cheap bastarb

    These 2 products are just as good. Mdr1a now tweaked the acoustic fill which was missing, shame on Sony as well as black yarn to fill the noisey junction in the band. As they break in 50 hr is a must, they sound better. What reviewers do that??? πell, I need to flatten the eq as they break in.

    I have a new P7 if any one want to buy it off me.
    Too dark for me they were.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  4. skwoodwiva
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2018
  5. skwoodwiva
    I have a new P7 if any one want to buy it off me.
    Too dark for me they were."
    So I thought!
    Not after much listening. I found the have a misaligned coil!
    Saving them now.
    There is a warp around wire glue points.
    This is how I am getting the warp out... 20180421_204847_2.jpg 20180421_205022_2.jpg

    Results video

    This one was more deformed. Once puckered outward & cured with damar & fiberglass- unpuckering left it normal!.

    Both cones would get caught, or the VC would rub on the slot walls.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
  6. skwoodwiva
    Good thing I was banned for a week! Instead of jabbering I became a scrounger, again(!) of HiFi.
    I post here as all this is indeed preparation for my DAP review as amirm's "silver plated wire challenge". But I cannot post in MY OP in SS.


    Review update
    What do I think of the BW P7?
    The damar I have used on lowthers, makes a paper cone much less peaky.
    Now a 9.5
    Sony 7.5
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
  7. aboutjack
    Hi SKWOODWIVA! I found your posts here by deep searching for items mentioning the Meizu miniplayer M6, and seeing a photo of yours showing four of them apparently in your possession. I'd like for you to contact me, please, about buying one of those units from you for significantly above market value. My email is jack at aboutjack dot com.

    FYI, working as a product strategy consultant to Tsinghua Tongfang Co. Ltd. in Beijing in late 2004 I pitched the idea of a made-in-China competitor to the iPod nano to the company's CEO. I believed that a cost-controlled (no more than 600 RMB in China) but well made product that offered a user interface as responsive and speedy as Apple's clickwheel UI would be a hit in third world markets. The result was me being funded with a hardware and software development team by THTF, and during 2005 developing what I then called the 'Crossbar' touch interface, and the underlying control electronics for a hierarchical menu based function and file navigation platform.

    THTF chose to not take the product to market, and instead arranged a licensing deal with Jack Wong, the founder at Meizu. The first miniplayer launched in early 2006, and through following iterations went on the sell about $2 billion in the global market.

    I'm putting together a little 'museum' wall in my home to display many of the most successful products I created during my 50+ year career, and I do not have an example of the miniplayer M6 — and cannot find one anywhere, other than sitting in your photo! Millions of them sold just over a decade ago, but zero units are on eBay or anyplace else I can find.

    So, can you help an old man out? :) Let me give one of those M6 units you have there a respectful, proper home?

    Much appreciated!

    Jack C.

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