Introduction and question about Chord Mojo via Bluetooth 5.0 receiver
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May 25, 2020
Hello world. I've been lurking around reading posts here for quite some time but never posted before. It's nice to come out of the shadows but also a bit intimidating. Anyway my latest audio project has been to find a practical way to take hi-fi music on the go using a Deezer on my iPhone as the source, a Chord Mojo DAC and Aeon 2 closed headphones. I had used the Mojo with my iPhone for a while but the problem I always ran into is that the Mojo dangles off of the iPhone via the flimsy micro USB to Lightning cable creating all kinds of problems. I literally went through 5 or 6 cables in a coupe of years that way and it's just not practical.
I finally figured out a solution using a tiny $30 Bluetooth 5.0 receiver that has its own internal lithium battery and connects to the Mojo via a Toslink cable. Here are some photos of the assembly. It's not quite as elegant as a Chord Poly but it's actually lighter, lasts 3 times longer on a charge and connects super fast to my iPhone. The bluetooth device I'm using is this one:
Most important of all: to my ears the sound is amazing. Again I am kind of new at this but I can't perceive any difference with this bluetooth device vs. using the USB/Lightning cable to connect the phone to the Mojo.
So my question to you guys is: Is there anything wrong with this bluetooth 5 setup? Am I sacrificing any sound quality at all?
I should add that I also tried connecting via wifi using the now discontinued Chromecast audio powered by an external battery. It sounds great too - can't tell the difference - but it's clunky (3 parts instead of 2) and has limited portability given that it's wifi as opposed to bluetooth.



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