Introducing myself (and looking for recommendations!)
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New Head-Fier
Nov 4, 2016
Hello, my name's Hugo and im new to this forum.

I would also like to get some recommendations on earphones.

Personally, im a big fan of trailer musics like (
which mainly consists of orchestral sounds with occassional choir background. I also enjoy funky/jazzy musics with female vocal. (Like this!

Currently I own a Westone UM1 (Both casual and on-stage use since im a musician) and an ATH-BKS77 (friend "discarded" it to me).

An all-rounder would be very nice (between songs with vocals and orchestral music), but i understand the genres are with different ranges, so either one would be fine as well.

Note: im kind of reluctant to bass emphasis, so things like SE215 are out immediately.

I can accept cans that are as expensive as $350. As i dont plan to buy another pair in the near future, i dont mind splashing a little bit more cash for a better one.

Special note:
I have tried the following earphones
-UE 900s
-Campfire Orion

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks ^^

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