Instrumentalists: Have you spent more on Audio or Instruments?
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Low Brass is indeed not a cheap means of making money

Tuba ~ $7,000
Trombone ~ $1,500; $150
Various other instruments ~ $1,000
Definitely more than I have spent on audio equipment (at least so far...)
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My recent Mesa Boogie Roadster purchase tipped the scales over to the instrument side.
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Definitely instruments.

I spent 700 euros on my classical guitar, 500 on my electric.

On the audio side, I spent 200 for a soundcard and 120 for headphones, 50 for a condenser microphone.

My philosophy has always been that money put into instruments is an investment. A guitar will last you all your life and its quality will influence your sound, your playing, your motivation and thus the pleasure you get from playing.
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Originally Posted by Jahn /img/forum/go_quote.gif
That reminds me of the days when I blasted the roof off in high school with this thing on my alto sax-


i'm pretty sure he isn't a jazz player, from what i've read.

My jazz mouthpiece is a Berg Larson for Tenor. Wow, I love that thing. Hard rubber.....gooooooood stuff.

But for me, definitely instruments:

Yamaha Student Model Tenor: $500
C** Mouthpiece: $80
Selmer Paris Serie III Tenor w/ Black Laquour: $2100
C* Mouthpiece: $110
Berg Larson Mouthpiece: $180
Reeds, Music, Repair/Maintenence: A lot.

Creative Zen Vision: M - $300
Shure E2c - $60
Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro's - $150

now, if you want to talk DAP's:
1. iRiver flash player - $100
2. 3g 15GB iPod - $250
3. Philips H110 - $299
4. Creative Zen Touch - $250
5. 3g 20gb iPod - $200 (used)
6. Toshiba Gigabeat F40 - $349
7. Creative Zen Sleek 20gb - $249
8. iAudio X5 - $239
9. Toshiba Gigabeat F20 - $170
10. Creative Zen Vision: M - $299
11. Creative MuVo TX FM - $59
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Originally Posted by Teerawit /img/forum/go_quote.gif
My violins cost alot more.


Definitely more on instruments.
Rough tally: violin (~$26k) + bows (~$1.5k) + case (~$600) + strings (~$470/yr) + accessories/music (lost count)
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My French horn cost me £2300. That was an ex dem model that would have ben £4600. Yup, french horns are expensive.

In total, audio wise, I think I am approaching that, but not there yet. Maybe around the £2000 mark, but some of that I have sold on to fund the next step.
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Originally Posted by milkpowder /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Definitely more on instruments.
Rough tally: violin (~$26k) + bows (~$1.5k) + case (~$600) + strings (~$470/yr) + accessories/music (lost count)

$26k on your violin and you're only using a $1.5k bow? Maybe I'm weird, but I'm much pickier about my bows than I am my violin--probably the reason why I have six bows, and only two violins.
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thank god sam ash has all of my stuff....

i wont go into computers...

ok i will.

Sibelius, ProTools HD, 28734982137489 instrument packs (including Colossus)....


ipod nano, xin supermicro, jumbo cryo, sr80.

yeah. tuba rules wooh!
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Instruments by farrrr...
I probably have $500ish worth of headphone gear
A bit more than $4k worth of instruments.. '83 tele, acoustic, jazzbox, amps and recording equips
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Originally Posted by Thelonious Monk /img/forum/go_quote.gif
ok i will.

Sibelius, ProTools HD, 28734982137489 instrument packs (including Colossus)....

Oh... computer "instruments" count as well? Put me down for a Sibelius then as well.
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My parents paid for the rented flute in elementary and middle school. The bassoon I play now is owned by the school. So, I guess I've never paid for an instrument.
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Before joining this site, definitely instruments. I paid $3400 for a handmade classical guitar.....which now is worth closer to $6000.

OK, I'll try to total my insane expenses so far: headphones:$1k, amp:$850, CD player:$1k, DAC:$1k, vinyl setup: $900 so far. So that's $4.75K......
All that for a headphone stash
This also doesn't count all the CD/SACDs that I'll be collecting now!!
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Trumpets: Bach Bb 37, Bach C 229 - 25H, Schilke Eb E3L, Kanstul Pic. Plus mods, maintenance, cases. They're my most valuable self-purchased possessions.

Can't imagine buying something that cost more than that other than a car and a house.

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