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In serach of headphones with comfort in mind

  1. tankpopper
    Hey guys.
    Im on the market for a new pair of headphones and while sound quality is a must, comfort is my main concern...
    Im going to be wearing this for long hours while working on the computer and the local weather is always and the hot side.
    So, they need to be light, not earwarming, not in ear and all around comfortable.
    The price range is around 300$, but if thats not a reasonbale range i could stretch it a little..
    And on more thing, a headphone amp is an option down the line, but not right now so the source will be the PC's PL output.
    Thank you very much!
    Tank out.
  2. zazex
    The Sony MDR MA900's are very light, extremely comfortable, and can easily be driven without an amplifier.
  3. Buyer no 1
    When it comes to comfort, I always think about Sennheisers.The HD598 is very comfortable, and I think it's SQ is quite good. 50 ohm/112 db should be fine, driven from a pc, But it will sound even better with an amp. 
  4. AnalogSavior
    HD598 is incredibly comfortable and easy to work with.
  5. Andrasdesoria
    Search for a Sony MDR-F1. The most comfortable and lighterheadphone ever. There are always some on the sell section of this site. Open design, so in hottest climate is fine. 
  6. Schonen
    My vote is also 558/598. I've owned both and IMO the extra money for 598 is not worth it. Also, 558 is better looking than 598.
  7. AnalogSavior

    Gonna have to disagree on the both the SQ and the aesthetic appeal of the 598. I'd say its worth the price in both cases, but you know, everyone is looking for something different in their headphones. But for comfort, it really is hard to best he 598.

  8. Claritas
    Of the in production models, I think Beyers are most comfortable. Senn 558/598 are definitely above average. MA900 will need some padding if you have a small head.
    The thing is you're going to have some trade offs in the heat between pleather and velour. I don't have enough experience in hot climates, but I've read and it stands to reason that pleather gets hotter but is easier to clean and maintain.
  9. Schonen

    You know they use the exact same driver, right? HD598 color is ok if you wear leisure suits too. :wink:
    BTW, have you owned both 558 and 598 like I have? I gave the 598 away but still have 558.
    I have beyer DT990pro and they are very comfortable too but the cups are shallow and that causes my ears to rub on the inside of the cup, which is not good, 558/598 have deep cups so overall they win for comfort over the beyers I have.
  10. nicholars
    SRH 1540 are comfort monsters.

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