In search for a flexible solution... (home, work and on the fly)
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New Head-Fier
Apr 18, 2012
Hello everyone,
as the title suggests I'am in search for a portable headphone amp which fits my everyday life.
I know there is no jack of all trades device out there but maybe some of you could guide me into
the right direction for a specific dac/amp.
Sooo, how does my daily usage look like:
Smartphone/Tablet -> DAC/amp -> UE TF10
Smartphone -> DAC/amp -> UE TF10
desktop/laptop -> mpd -> alsa -(bit perfect)-> DAC -> M-stage BD DT-880 (600 Ohm)
As you can see I would use the device at home almost solely as a DAC in front of my computer.
The DAC used right now is pretty bad (it's the DAC inside the M-stage) and sounds veild compared
to other solutions I have available.
My sound preference: neutral sound (shouldn't be too warm) with a tight base and clear vocals. Since
my right ear is screwed (everything above 5 khz is a mystery for my right side) I'am not as sensitive
for discrepancies up above the freq. range.
I don't want to spend over 200€ for the device, therefore neat solutions like the new Oppo HA-2 are
off radar. Another interesting device, the D-Zero MK2 from iBasso is basically non-available in germany.
At the moment my focus lies on the E17k but I'am hesitant to take the plunge since there is the still the
E18 around. I read extensively about both devices, but I'am still not certain if the E17k or the E18
would fit my needs, and especially my sound preferences, more.

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