In ear headphones recommendation
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Jan 30, 2013
I have the shure se215 for quite some time now and the cable is giving up and as a audio enthusiasts - not quite even near to be an audiophile- I'm taking this as an excuse to try some other headphones. I was looking into the ath im70 at the same price range as the shure but I don't know if this will not be much of an upgrade. My next one was the im01 but I'm still looking for recommendations.

×Price range: no more than 180$

×Sources: Galaxy s6 - not much because I hate how this sounds -, ipad 4,LG memopad 7 lte, htc desire 510 soon maybe an iPhone 4s

×amp/dac: looking to buy a e18 or a ibasso d-zero mk2 but I've heard bad things.

×music: rock, classic rock, electronic pop, symphonic metal, metal, indie, dubstep, vocaloid.

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