Impressions on the Sony WH1000X M4
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Adnen Ayed

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Sep 3, 2017
I was happy to read that Sony is increasingly 'serious' about its headphones business. They have further improved the WH1000X M3 in the recently launched 4th generation WH1000X M4.
My curiosity aroused, I borrowed one and took a listen. Unfortunately, I don't have the M3 to compare, but it's on my to do list.

Cosmetically, it seems the earpads have been changed. They cover the ears confortably. I read they tend to warm the ears after a long period of use, but didn't feel any disconfort myself.

The sound was spacious enough. The bass was what I call Sony thumpy, not hitting you agressively in the belly, but closer to a B&W thump thump short bass. The treble clear and soft. And what made me enthusiastic, is the nice seperation of the three frequency bands, bass, mid and hi that was achieved.

The M4 uses AI to analyze and optimise the music in real time and upscales it optimally. I was sceptical at the beginning, AI in music? But the sound quality was so enjoyable, I forgot about the AI.

Now, this is a headphone intended to be used with portable phones. There are a lot of nice features. Playback stops automatically when you take the earphones off. Music stops if you cover the right cup with your hand, to listen to your wife, for example. And I was pleased my daughter could hear me clearly through the built in mic when I called her. That was always a hassle with BT headphones.

Finally, the quick charging function blew my mind. A few hours of play with 10 minutes charging. That's handy when you're in a hurry.

That headphone will be on my Christmas list for this year!

So, next, I want to try out the M3, but also compare the sound to other mid range cans, like Bose, etc.

Anybody happy or unhappy with the WH1000X M4 or M3?

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