Impressions | aune AR5000 Full-Size Over-Ear Open Headphones with MLD Driver
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Apr 3, 2015
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Here is a promo video we made for the AR5000 which we are very proud of. It's also the story of aune.

We are giving away a pair of AR5000 here (closed):

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After I watched the video here are my thoughts:

The Mission statement is good and the model is certainly very beautiful. I found it funny she was scrolling through empty music icons on her computer though. At least give it some coloring instead of flat color grey.

I would have liked more discussion about the headphone. It looks great but the amount of time spent on talking about the headphone was very short. Maybe a separate discussion video for just the headphone would be nice to have.

Americans have a very short attention span, can we make the video even shorter?

Otherwise it was a good video. Glad you guys can start your own headphones and join in on the rush to audio paradise.
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Looks like a premium, quality headphone
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After seeing the video here, what stuck out as the most important to me was the human story. The story of the passionate Spirit. It's a story that breaks down cultural and national boundaries. You see, there is an underlying fear and distrust between our governments as seen in the constant geopolitical jockeying for economic and power hedgemony. This underlying "current" hurts chinese brands. And we sometimes feel guilty buying Chinese as Americans. We feel like we're betraying our country buying Chinese products. And, in a way we are. So, the way to break down these fears is to focus on the human story, the history, the passion, the vision, etc. Your video plays up the human story of Aune's founding and its team of engineers. Making an excellent product is not enough when you're a Chinese brand. You have to overcome geopolitical currents, worries, prejudice, "foreigner syndrome". You have to share the passion, the humanity, the history of your company, in a way that makes your buyers feel connected to your founding executives. You need to close the cultural gap. You need to makes us feel good about connecting with fellow passionate audiophiles, that, oh by the way....just happen to be Chinese. Your video has does that. Your video put a face to the company; put a love to the company.
We need that human connection. Consider our audiophile community's Zach and Bevin from ZMF. They are our community's beloved friends. That's how you do business. You build friendships and you build brotherhood. Do this and AUNE will be on top of the pile of Chinese brands.

Now, as to the headphone you're producing. I found it interesting that you've used 3-layer composite diaphram to deal with high frequency break-up. And not all headphones use an angled diaphram such as yours. And the fact that you've used diffusion and absorbtive materials behind the driver seems very thorough. I did not know these things contribute to a sense of space in the sound. I also noticed the extremely clean waterfall chart showing the frequency dampening characteristis very impressive. I find it interesting how you've calibrated the impedance and efficiency to consider how most people are listening with portable devices at 28 Ohms. I find it interesting how AUNE did not go with off-the-shelf headband solutions but went back to the drawing board and recreated their own solution--even applying for a patent and using 10 different materials. Your video mentions "composite materials" but doesn't mention what those are. The 1.8 meter drop test seems like a good test but is it rigorous enough of a test? I found it interesting that you wanted to maintain the balance sound signature of your IEM model JASPER rather than create a unique sound signature. And I did not know about your portable dac/amp "YUKI" which made me wonder if your unit sounds as good as the other Chinese brand, Questyle M15, since it looks very similar. Lastly, your video mentions that your AR5000 is "affordable to most audiophiles" which makes me wonder what that amount is? And I found it interesting that you mentioned "an entire upcoming line of headphones"!!!! Wow, can't wait.
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I saw this in a recent shop I visited while in Shanghai. Was wondering then when did Aune created a headphone so it was true haha. It looks really nice though like the pic. I didn’t bring my gear along and was there for IEM so didn’t took the time to test it.
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I am not sure yet, review samples are up to my neck. I have lost count...
Will wait patiently 👍
Take care of yourself, don't burn out, so you can enjoy the process 😊
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Oh god damn I said I’m not buying another pair of headphones in 2024… though I still have a few days…
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As a lover of AUNE products (I already own some of them) I was of course interested in those headphones.

Concerning the video, I must say that I had to laugh when that woman is acting as if she was enjoying music... When there is no cable attached :wink: Funny...
I also was amazed that this product is not totally computer engineered. Do people really use pencils to draw schematics of the body ?

About the headphones :
- they look really good and look much more "luxurious than their price ;
- the price is pretty nice. 300€ for such a headphone is pretty neat ;
- the first impressions by reviewers sound good especially concerning comfort which is a must for me as I wear them for hours usually ;
- the first measurements tend to confirm what AUNE says about them and those measurements are really good.

This is a headphone I'd really would like to get despite my low finances at the moment :frowning2:


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