imod for pico or nornet?
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Danny lim

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Mar 11, 2008
hello friends.
I have imod(5.5 vdieo).I wanna need to a amps for my imod.but I do not know which one is better?I hope u help me .thanks...
about hornet m and pico/dac pico
because my imod have dac(5.5 video) ///I do not know if the dac pico better for my imod....
i thought my imod have dac ,can choose hornet m or pico? need to dac pico??
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If you mainly listen to your Imod you should get a regular Pico (no DAC), because the Imod has its own DAC like you said. You cannot use the Pico's DAC with your Imod.
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Pico with a DAC gets my vote. In case you use your computer as a source.
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That's the question to ask yourself. Will you ever use your computer as a source? If the answer is no, then the Pico DAC will be worthless to you and you could go with a pico without DAC or the hornet. If the answer is yes, you should definitely go with the Pico with DAC over the hornet.
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Originally Posted by Danny lim /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thanks everyone...I wanna know thi pico and dac pico use the same wolfson wm8740?

Umm, Wolfson WM8740 IS the DAC chip.... so the AMP only version wont have it
Only the DAC version will have the DAC chip....Duh!!

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