I'm about to buy the RE600 to use with the X3 and have a quick question
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Jul 18, 2010
My source is the X3 first gen and I sometimes use it with the e12.  My T-Peos H200 is shorting out on one side and I'm about due for a new set of IEMs anyway.  
My question is how this pairing works for someone who prefers a mid-centric sound signature with good detail?  I do not like aggressive treble or bright sound.  I did have a the EQ5 and liked it quite a bit for the mid range and vocals.  I did not like that harsh spot the T-Peos was a bit infamous for.
I listen to different genres but I mostly enjoy female vocalists/bands like Sia, Tori Amos, Portishead and bands like Radiohead and some metal. Some warmth and color is ok but I do get some of that with the Fiio DAP.  
Anyone run this combo?  
TIA, HFers
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dumb/poorly phrased question?
Wrong forum?
I'll just order them, they seem like the ticket.  I was avoiding looking for a new source or amp  as well.  

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