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Iine out doc cable ,ipod to amp

  1. lucozade
    Does anyone know where i can get a quality new line out dock cable from within the uk  ,hi fi head phones are out of stock ? , mine has developed a fault [​IMG]
  2. violinvirtuoso
    iBasso makes a pretty good LOD. I think "KS Distribution" is the UK distributor for iBasso.
    Scroll to the bottom.
  3. lucozade


    Thanks  , that was a big help [​IMG]
  4. andrewmorio
    How about Ireland? Fiio L1 LOD selling on eBay. They are fine and dirt cheap.I have 2 of them.Highly recommended
  5. lucozade


     I just needed a new ibasso line out dock to replace my damaged one to connect ipod classic to p3+ heron amp

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