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Feb 9, 2014
So I just acquire an iCan from a user here in the forum. The iCan has several issues one of them been that the headphone jack is too lose and cause the headphone plug to cause static.... BUT I ran in to a new issue that I am not sure I understand and could be me been ignorance and not an actual issue.

Beside the jack issues (It goes away if the headphone cable does not move much) I am able to drive the Edition X just fine with the iCan but when I use my LCD3, it starts distorting right around 11 o'clock. The same issue happens with my HE 560.

I thought the the LCD3/HE 560 are less powerful than the Edition X.

The iCan is set at 24db.

Am I missing something here?

Note: It might be a mute point, the seller has agreed to refund me given that I send the ican back.... But wont hurt to understand :)
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