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Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ifi audio, Mar 3, 2017.
  1. rafaelo
    I am using a tube preamplifier in the chain and it is still silent so probably there is something wrong in your set up or a defective unit.
  2. iFi audio
    It's highly likely that there's a ground/earth loop. The SPDIF in/out on the iONE is galvanically isolated, the line out is not. It's for the best to find the origin of the aforementioned loop and resolve it.
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  3. unclebrudy
    Thanks everyone, and team iFi. I’ll look into I️t and report back. Perhaps I️ need a larger ISObar, as I️ believe mine only have 2 real banks of isolation.

    The feedback is much appreciated.
  4. unclebrudy
    Just wanted to update and give thanks to team @iFi audio plus everyone who responded.

    It was a ground loop. I learned that my previous ISObar only has 2 isolated banks (not inherently bad in and of itself, I simply have too many ground loop prone components and an old home) and it was causing the buzz. Replaced it with one that had 4 isolated banks and there is zero interference and the background is dead black!

    Also wanted to say, I'm so pleased with everything about this nano iOne, it is now my full time DAC and I've traded away the Mimby. The nano pulls triple duty now - it's my DDC from PC to my NFB-15, it's the DAC via RCA out to my MK2, and it's my BT streamer. Simply a flawless, amazing, huge bang for your buck offering from iFi! Highly recommended.
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  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Glad to hear. Yes, it does seem to more than hold it's own against big expensive DACs. I was able to sell my NAD M51 as I just couldn't detect much if any real difference so given the price and Bluetooth capability of the iOne, I am more than pleased as well and share your enthusiasm. Enjoy.
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  6. iFi audio
    We're happy when our customers are happy. Thank you for your kind words!
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  7. cheungtsw
    Is there a way to tell my ione is using aptx with my lg v20?
  8. iFi audio
    Please take a look here:


    How do I know when aptX is being used?

    It’s surprisingly difficult to know which Bluetooth codec is being used. Sometimes you’ll see a message pop up on-screen that saying that an aptX device is being used; other times it will be impossible to know for sure."

    For those with rooted phones and hacker instincts, there are multiple Bluetooth trace/diagnostic tools available, however use these and root your phone at your own risk.
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  9. unclebrudy
    @iFi audio , since you're here in the thread currently... :dt880smile:

    Nothing has changed since my last post. This nano iOne is exceeding my expectations and I've been recommending it to everyone that asks! It's probably my favorite part in my entire source chain. Hehe.

    Maybe you can shed some light on this, though. I just signed up for Tidal HiFi, and I have it set up for WASAPI. It's actually extremely limited as far as configuration goes, but it's definitely using WASAPI. Anyway, on some songs, upon starting them there is a split-second-to-one-second delay where the output is very quiet, and then full volume, so I miss the first second of the song. I've tried this on multiple amps fed by the nano iOne from both the S/PDIF and RCAs, so it seems to be something I have to tweak on the iOne.

    In the iFi settings there is only an option to tweak ASIO, and I don't think Tidal can use ASIO. Does tweaking the ASIO settings in the iFi control panel do anything for WASAPI? Or are there other troubleshootings I can do?

  10. unclebrudy
    @iFi audio , disregard. I figured it out.

    For those having issues with a split second (or up to a second) of weirdness with streaming lossless files, setting USB Streaming Mode to Minimum Latency seems to have solved the issue I mentioned above.
  11. iFi audio
    Regarding Tidal & iOne, there is muting with a short delay (< 500mS). Normally this is not an issue for playback, unless there is a long gap between tracks or on the first track is being played after a long period of inactivity. Still, good to hear that you've made it!

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  12. koaly
    Hi guys,
    For headphone desktop setup I use micro iDSD, which works as DAC feeding the micro iCanSE. Then I have a nano iDSD, which works as DAC for the stereo setup in the living room, receiver + large speakers.
    Micro iDSD is a beast that eats any audio format, but I had an issue with nano iDSD playing DSD128 on Ubuntu 16.04 via Alsa and thought that may be nano iOne solves the problem, but it does not.
    Here are the error message and settings
    [​IMG] Screenshot from 2017-12-08 21-33-48.png Screenshot from 2017-12-08 21-41-10.png
    , which I have on Audacious. It works perfect with micro iDSD though.
    iFi support came with very helpful advice answering me: "With regards to Linux, we are unable to provide any help as its open-source and far too many versions. We recommend that you try a Windows or Mac to confirm DSD playing on them platforms to rule in/out the Linux."
    it appears that via RCA nano iDSD sounds the same as nano iOne. iOne misses a headphone amp and out, as well as a battery, nano iDSD does not have a BT and it needs to switch it on and off, while iOne is always on, when the power is supplied. Implementation of front RCAs on nano iDSD is an odd solution and brings me some discomfort.
    iOne's BT is for me a questionable feature for home hifi, as its AptX does not give more resolution than 16/44.
    So, I tend to return iOne and keep nano iDSD, which I bought used 50 Euro cheaper than iOne.
    What's your opinion, is there any benefit of nano iOne vs nano iDSD except BT and more convenient back RCA?
  13. koaly
    My another finding was that USB XMOS is the same on both devices as well as the DAC chip, but nano iDSD has 2 oscillators for 22,5792 and 24,5768 Mhz. I could not find them on the iOne's PCB.
  14. superuser1
    I have ordered a Chinese DDC (usb in and coax and optical out) with 2 crystal oscillators in the hope that it may enhance the experience a bit more. I shall report back when it arrives.
  15. koaly
    What is DDC? Is it DAC? I also thought about trying one. Many have top chips from AKM and ESS, but implementation is unknown. It's like buying a pig in a poke.

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