IEMs for £100
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Nov 10, 2008
Hi, I'm looking to buy some new IEMs, with a budget of £100 or so. Atrio M5s and 5 pros have been recommended to me by a few friends, but I figured it might be worth getting a broader perspective. They will be used both for day-to-day listening and as monitors in a band situation.

Musically, I listen to a pretty wide selection, focusing mainly on metal and post-rock, but with a fair amount of jazz and electronica going on too. Probably more help just to say I listen to everything! Playing-wise, I play mostly in worship bands, so soft rock probably describes the sound fairly accurately. As a bassist, I like a solid bit of bottom end in the mix, and glassy highs when possible.

My previous buds were Senn CX300s, but I haven't used them for about a year. They sounded ok to my then-untrained ears, but having progressed to Grado SR-60s as my day-to-day cans, I'm after a big step up in terms of clarity from new IEMs. (Incidentally, I know the SR-60s are pretty basic, but to my ears they were better than the SR-80s, and my budget wouldn't reach any higher-end models...)

I'm no good at explaining myself normally, so if any more info is needed to give a good impression of what might be good, go ahead and ask. Any advice is appreciated!

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