IEM suggestions needed!
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Jun 20, 2012
I've been using the Sennheiser CX400-II for quite some time now, and I quite enjoyed them, however, today, a cat ate the cables for it, so I decided that rather than buying a new copy of the same IEMs, I'd try to go for something new, hopefully a bit more suited for my music taste.
My main areas of listening are various forms of metal (black, death, fusions, etc.), rock and then some electronic/chiptune, ambient and shoegaze music, so I think what I'm mainly looking for is something with a good (non-bloated) bass and "drive", for my full sized headphones I use LCD-2s which is pretty much perfect for what I'm going for, in case that is any help. Also, I found the CX400-II to be a bit harsh in the treble for some recordings.
I'm preferably looking for something sub-150 euro, but I can stretch a bit if its for a better fit. I don't have a portable amp, because I'm saving for a full size at the moment, so preferably ones that do well without extra amplification, but ones that can scale is of course an added bonus. They will be run from an iPod primarily, first gen iPod video currently.
Very grateful for any advice!
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May 22, 2013
If it's for metal I don't think any muddy or bassy IEMs would be accurate. I think you should try the Yamaha EPH-100, they have a good bass response as well as precision needed for good guitars reproduction. You can find a review in joker's thread.

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