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Dec 31, 2010
Hi all,

A few years ago I ordered my first CIEM, the Spiral Ears SE5U. Even if technically they sound impressive, for some reason I'm not using them very much. I can't put my finger on the 'problem' point though. Maybe they are sounding too romantic and intimate with not enough treble sparkle and some bass with longer decay?

Mostly I listen to pop and EDM. But they also should be able to play the occasional Rock, and Jazz. I'm currently still listening to my Dunu DN-1000 since quite a few years. So at the moment I'm searching for the next IEM (universal this time). The goal is a dynamic, lively, energetic IEM. It will be a blind buy but from what I read my preferred sound signature is more to the V-shaped side?

On my shortlist is the following:
-Campfire Atlas: too much and overpowering bass?
-Campfire Vega?
-Dunu DK 3001: loved by many apparently but maybe too romantic sounding with rolled off treble?
-Oriolus MK2:
-Hifiman RE800: not sure if this has the preferred signature.
-iBasso IT01(s) seems OK?

I read a lot of good reviews on the Andromeda but I guess these are to close to SE5u which also has 5BA drivers.

If you have the time, can you please comment? Any additional remarks or suggestions are helpful. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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