IEM recommendations for HD-25 II user
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May 6, 2007
Hi all,

After a year enjoying my HD-25's on the move, I'd really like to find some comparable IEM's for when the HD-25's aren't convenient enough.

I've previously had E2C's which I liked, which where replaced under warrenty by Shure for SE110's. I found the SE110's to be inferior though, sounding muddy and distorting in the highs.

I mostly listen to Electronica and Hip Hop with House, Dance, DnB, Dubstep plus most forms of electro, but also Indie (Radiohead), folk (Nick Drake, John Martyn) plus bits of Jazz and other rock/pop such as Kate Bush, Beatles, Pink Floyd. I rarely listen to Classical.

Often on the tube and I really need to look after my ears now that some tinnitus is creeping in from not using plugs in clubs, so good isolation is very important.

What IEM's would you recommend? As its really difficult to try them I have come up with a sort of shortlist from reviews:

Etymotics ER4
Sennheiser IE8
Klipsch Image X10

I'm prepared to spend from £80 to £200 - so equal or a bit more to my HD-25's.

This is my first proper post so thanks for help in advance!

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