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IEM Recommendation

  1. marcus2704
    I am looking for a IEM to be paired with my Astell & Kern SR15.

    I listen to a mixture of hip-hop, electronic, R&B and classic rock so I would say that bass is important to me, but also sound quality and I look for a engaging, lively sound.

    My shortlist is down to the below and I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on my picks, or recommend something else?

    Campfire Audio Polaris
    Westone B30
    .. and as an outside option, a 2nd hand set of Campfire Audio Andromeda's w/balance cable.
  2. Patzig
    Based on your genre's mentioned, and looking for "lively", I'd stay away from westone. I've had 2 westone's, they are extremely dry with light bass. I think looking at used is a good option too. Alot of people here rotate through iem's, finding what works best for them. Pretty easy to find lightly used equipment for a fraction of what it cost new. Lastly, if you're considering Andromeda, take a look at the Vega too. Bass monster, in quantity and quality.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
  3. kendosperling
    I would add to settle on a budget that fits you and start from there. I think for the genres mentioned a hyla CE-5 or TE-5B might be a great pick.
  4. dairy
    Andromedas are great, especialy with the SR15, but I think for the genres you mentioned, you may not be satisfied with the quantity of bass on the Andros.
  5. serman005
    A Vega could work.
  6. surfgeorge
    Actually a used Astell & Kern T8iE MKII could also match your expectations...
  7. starfly
    Or Beyerdynamic Xelento for that matter. Just a slightly different sound than T8IE.
  8. marcus2704
    Thanks for all the recommendations, I decided to go for the Andromeda's along with my SR15. Will be picking them up next week :)

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