IEM recommendation for use with iphone 7
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Oct 9, 2016
Recently updated to an iphone 7 which has now got me considering updating headphones to go with the lack of headphone jack.
I currently use Sony XBA-3's which I have enjoyed over the years, but the right angled plug into the apple lightning to headphone jack adaptor feels slightly clunky.
Have researched bluetooth IEM's like B&O H5 and Beyerdynamic Byron BTA but a little unsure about switching to bluetooth. I actually tried out the B&O H5 and thought they sounded good but the battery life and having something extra charge puts me off.
I also tried out Audeze Sine headphones with cipher cable. These sounded nice but felt a bit heavy to me to be using on the go, think I would prefer to stick with IEMs.
My latest thought is to go with IEMs with detachable MMCX cables. I think this is the way to go as Westone recently released a bluetooth cable for MMCX, and rumour is Shure will bring out a lightning cable. I'm sure other options will pop up as well. So I think this option would provide the most flexibility and more choice.
Given all that I'm looking for recommendations on IEMs with detachable MMCX cables. Budget up to around $500 AUD ($400ish USD).

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