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IEM Headphone for my daughter XMas

  1. cmdrmcgarrett
    My daughter likes bassy music but listens to all types from Chamber, classical, pop, standards(Rat Pack), to new age...... hell just about all but wants a bit of a bassy headphone but with good soundstage and clear vocals. She is sensitive to shrill highs tho.
    She does need small plugs for her small ears.... only 14 y/o.
    Want to be under $130 if possible

    I found 3 possibilities for her on Amazon:

    ERJIGO KZ ZS5 High Fidelity Extra Bass
    Shure SE 215-CL
    LINSOUL BGVP DMG 2DD+4BA Hybrid Drivers

    Which would be the best?

    Using her LG V30 phone...... Mom's gift not mine (that damn phone would be mine)
  2. buke9
    You might also throw the iBasso IT01 in there. Nice bass and overly bright. All of the KZ’s I have are brighter.
  3. cmdrmcgarrett
    Bright is something she is not wanting.

    Bassy. Flat but kinda forward mids. Flat highs
  4. buke9
    The IT01’s are a bit recessed in the mids not forward. The 1More Quad Drivers would fit the bill a bit better. Not as bassy but definitely more polite on the highs and good detail.
  5. Amberlamps
    Anew U1

    Thats what I would choose for the price range stated.

    It got good reviews and it’s also got a very nice bling silver cable.

    Check the Anew U1 impression thread.

    I have a spare set all boxed up and untouched, as I bought two, I’m willing to sell my spare set, but I’m in the UK.

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