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IEM Comfort VS Full Size Headphones

  1. abdullah1
    I was saving to buy a TOTL iem, but i have small earholes so i bought a cheap iem to see if i have any issues with the comfort and i'm glad i did. Turns out i can't wear iems more than 20 minutes max! even though i was using the smallest tip available, on my k712 however i can wear them for a long time, i once game with them for 4 hours straight with no pain at all.
  2. exdmd
    I have an original pair of Ultimate Ears UE-10 pros that are over ten years old and still working great. You just have to take care of them. They do not provide as wide a sound stage as my PM-3s but bass and detail is fine. I expect a new pair of Ultimate Ears would be even more revealing as technology has improved. When you need isolation from the outside world ... plane trips or noisy neighbors ... nothing beats a pair of custom fit IEMs.
  3. doctorjazz
    Wow, I got quoted on a post from 5 years ago (didn't even realize I've been posting 5 years...)
    Not sure the new UE is better, I have it, it is less "V" shaped, but more bland to me.
    Still find iems to go, the connectors, the cables, sound goes out. I still use them (Have gone through quite a few, actually)
    ymmv, maybe you are better at taking care of them!:L3000:

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