Ideas Percolating Of Mods To Offer for HF-2?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Dec 12, 2003
It seems to me that the Jena Cryo or the SXC Cryo wire is likely a universally applicable recable wire with large sonic improvements to offer. It's early at this point to even think of other mods for this "mystery phone" - which will not be unveiled until May 30 at CanJam. I was wondering if thoughts were already percolating at ALO as to how to evaluate and offer worthwhile mods for it? I've got an HF-2 ordered. If, when I get it, I find its sound to be a worthy addition to my established collection of phones, I can't imagine not wanting to at least have it recabled with 18 AWG Jena Ultra Cryo Wire. I guess that the offering of other Mods would depend on whether this phone has sonic choke-points for which straightforward mods would offer worthwhile choke-relief and improvement.

Once the dust settles from CanJam 2009, I'll be interested in your thoughts, Ken, about Mods you think are promising for the HF-2.

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