IC: Ontario, Quebec, Eastern Canada and Northern US meet! In Montreal!
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Strippers... Montreal... what are you talking about?

Toronto might be the center of Canada, but Montreal is the biggest French-speaking city of the whole continent. Plus, our bars close one hour later than yours and the girls are hotter.

Just kidding, hoping to see you here.
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Well here is an idea ...why not organize it around the Montreal Audio show?? Yes, this would take more work, but the turnout would be great and there would be some serious vendors close by too. I'd love to drive in for the Montreal show, and a few hours with headfier's would tip the scales in favor of a definite, "I'm coming".
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If the meet is to be done during the hi fi show. An earlier poster was saying he could get a room with the college in Montreal. If I remember correctly it is only a 2-3 stop on the metro. So you can leave car at show and hop on sub-way to Berri stop and then to a room for the head fi meet. Ottawa 2 hours from Montreal, 3.5 hours from Toronto, 5-7 from Buffalo, and 5 from Quebec city. Omer (will soon post) will post to do it at his new store location when he gets a few minutes. If nothing has happened/been decided this spring.

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My appartement is always opened
I'm here until March 27th and we can do a meet anytime. It's small, but it's free

Let me know if interested. Else it'll be much more complicated with finding a room and all.
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So the consensus on a Montreal meet is the we should make it during the FSI in Montreal, so on the 3, 4 or 5th of april. Would you guys want to make this over 1 long day, or two days, or...... So you could have time for both the FSI and the head-fi meet?

I'm really interested about the ottawa idea, though, if it brings more headfiers from Toronto to meet
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Montreal is great for the show ... 2 days is optimun, but I'm not sure you can people to commit for that long. It would be great to have a couple of pairs of HD800 and the HD238? or whatever the new portable Sens are.

Don't worry about people driving in from Torono ...lots more will come if the hi-fi show is also on the same weekend ...it's a prudent plan ...let's get it rolling.

I have a variety of STAX gear, modded Wadia Itransports and a high end DAC that I could bring.
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Originally Posted by pompon /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Who have ordered HD800 so far here ?

Me I have one pair ordered.

I have yet to hear a dynamic headphone that beats even a mid-priced electrostatic (thinking of ESP950 here), so I'll wait until I hear the HD800 before even considering getting a pair.
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I would also be interested in a meet in Montreal !! Never been to such a gathering before... well, I'm kind of new to this head-fi thing

Don't have a lot of stuff, just a WA2+k701+Dacmagic.
Let's keep this initiative alive.
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I'm in Montreal from the 11th to the 14th of March.
So close yet so far.
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No news from Oz, I would guess he is really busy with the B&M part of his enterprise. So lets get the Montreal show during the Hi Fi expo happening. Maybe we could get a Senn rep to show, I have a call into their service dept. I will bounce it off him and see if they can come and demo a HD800 at the CEGEP room we are going to get?

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I'll start a new thread for the FSI weekend, but then again, what should be the thread's title to be the most explicit on our intentions to bring people from toronto and ottawa, and maybe US?

Central-Eastern Canadian meet?

North-east central meet?

Best meet in the whole wide world?

Montreal Foreign meet?
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Hello Bikeboy999

My friend at Sennheiser informed me of your intention to hold a meeting for your group in Montreal during our show. What a great news.

May we help you setting up this meeting, if you let me know how big your room need to be and how many hours or days you need it, I might be willing to offer you a free space on the site.

Please let me know and I’ll have a look at your forum.


Michel Plante



Now we can go for the title of best Headfi meet in world. Anyone want to PM me to help setup the meet?


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