ibasso sevice email

  1. rRav3n
    to start this is not a moaning at a company thread, cause i really likely my D10 [​IMG]

    how long have people waited to hear back from ibasso on there service email?

    just curious on how long it takes for others

  2. trentino
    I e-mailed them yesterday and the day before about the D4 being out of stock, no answer yet [​IMG]
  3. rRav3n
    yeh i emailed about 5 days ago about a problem i have got, seems a while to get back though ...

    atleast i not the only one hearing from them then
  4. slaylem
    I recently purchased a D2+ Boa in green. I don't think I completed the burn-in yet. What happened first is the headphone port started shorting out. It feels a little loose and when the headphone plug is moved even slightly, the sound cuts out in either one of the speakers or both. I sent a message to iBasso about this and they responded the next day. They told me that a return form wouldn't be necessary and to just return it to an address in China. iBasso sent me the D2 via UPS and my shipping cost was $20.00. UPS says it will now cost $92.00 to send it back to China from the same Florida address where I received it. I can't afford that right now. So I sent another message asking if they would be willing to assist me in making the repair myself. I said they could post or email some pictures to help me out. I know it's kind of a long shot but the worst that could happen is they'll say no. While I wait for a reply I am looking at shipping alternatives and I found Shipnex. I've never heard of these guys but their rates appear to be lower than UPS. If I don't hear back from iBasso I guess I'll just muster up the funds to ship it back. I plan to post more here as this situation develops...

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