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iBasso + Senn 595's

  1. Cyrone
    Hey all,

    I've pretty much settled on my first amp being from iBasso after doing some research. However I don't know which model to get - I plan on getting either a Senn HD555 or HD595, which are going to serve as my intro to music.

    As such, will getting a top-tier amp from iBasso really matter, or will I not hear much of a difference between these models? I'm eyeing the T4 for now, but if I would hear a noticable difference with a higher model. Thanks ~
  2. beamthegreat
    Hi and welcome to head-fi.

    Im not sure if you will hear much of a different between the T4 and a higher model if you're only using it to to drive a HD595 or HD555 imo. The HD595 or the HD555 doesnt really need an amplifier but it will sound a little better when properly amplified so if you're only using it to the drive a HD595/555 I think the T4 should do.

    Good luck choosing your new rig! [​IMG]
  3. Cyrone
    Thanks for the tip - that's what I figured, other than being under the impression that 595's really needed an amp (according to a sticky thread)...
  4. muddyglass
    an amp will do very little for the hd595, provided you're talking about the 50 ohm version. there's an older version of the hd595 with higher impedance.

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