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iBasso PB2 Has Developed High MircoPhonics

  1. Mshenay Contributor
    My pb2 has a White Battery inside of it, not a HUGE blue one and I've also got a capcitor Sitting atop of the Blue sodder joints that lead into it's soddered in with a right angle plug
    more importantly, I've been having some issues with my left channel, first of all the CB11 that I got died on me, it wsn't running the left channel at all, now I've got a new adaptor and all is well except that... if I bump the amp [which I don't often do] I get a click or a pop on my left channel :/
    what is that, should I be worried? Do I need to purchase a new pb2 at some point to avoid this one dieing q.q, should I find my Warrenty card, which may now be expired since I got it second hand >.> lot's o questions I have
    also I found a FREAKING hair inside my amp... which I didn't know was there, I removed it. But I am worried that it may have lead to the death of my last adapter and it my have been the cuase that developed this left channel clicking due to movement from the amp
    IF I tap on the chassis I get some MAJOR Mirconphonics and the left channel again goes super silent... what the heck <.< this is a freaking SOLID state device, and why does the internals of mine not look like what you guys have pictures of up there q.q
    yea if I thunk it to hard no left channel... if I thunk it with just ONE finger, the left channel comes back... what the heck >.>
    I am wondering though if I would be able to get the unit replaced or repaird by iBasso. At the moment I am trying to locate my warrenty card
    for the time being, set on low gain the player has no issue with channel imbalnce so long as I'm actively aggrevating it

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