IBasso P2 vs T2
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Jul 5, 2007
I've decided to purchase a portable amp to use with my "Zune 80". Though I love the overall sound of the Zune, there's just not enough bass for my liking while using my "RP-21" headphones.

I'm considering the IBasso "P2" and "T2". They are both in my price range ($100-$150), and neither seems to stick out on the website as being better overall. The "P2" looks like it may provide a "fuller" sound, however it has a much shorter battery life and is also much bigger then the "T2". The "T2" is a great size, but I'm not sure how the sound quality would compare to the "P2".

Does anyone have experience with using either of these amps with the headphones or dap I'm using? Bass enhancement is probably the most important thing to me, however overall SQ and portability are definitely factors I'm taking into consideration.

Are there any other amps I should be looking into?

I'd really appreciate any advice. This is my first headphone amp, so I'm not really sure what to expect.
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T2 = ultimate portable with the most options
P2 = fuller sound, more ease with driving higher-impedance cans

Personally, I own both.

I use the T2 when on the streets with IEMs.
P2 is used at home with cans.
(both line-out to iPod)

As for the bass boost on both models... all I can say is awesome. Makes the bass sweet without distortion.

I like both of these set ups, but I am not an expert and have no other 'high end' amps to judge by.

All I know that both of these amps are a great value for the dollar. You can't go wrong with either one...
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Having the T2 in the first place, still you will want to have P2. Hence, better get the P2 first and save some bucks for nice can.

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